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Hi Affo,

as far as i know thers no related features or projects plannes but to get a 100% answer you should join #openstack-nova in IRC or writing a mail to the dev mailing list. The dev mailing list is a good entry point here for your questions.

So i'm not really confirm with the code of nova but i try to get answer for your questions:

1) the creation and the resize of a VM passes through the scheduler Yes and no. The scheduler decides with filters and weighters on which compute node the new instance will spawn (create). Resize is the same way .... but the startup will be triggered by nova-compute and your hypervisor. So the scheduler don't have any todo with the real creation and startup process.

2) the delete of a VM doesn't cause any other service to take autonomic decisions This questions is unclear what do you mean ?

The best entry is the dev doc

Cheers Heiko