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Hi Wayne,

which one is the node that completes, and which doesn't?

The second node stucks at 29% while still installing the operating system, or while installing OpenStack?

Your roles configuration is correct. Hardware is fine to do the thing, assuming it doesn't have problems itself.

Can you find relevant information into the Fuel UI panel Logs for the Fuel Master at ERROR level for each of the sources?

So, to help us to provide an answer, please look into logs, check if on the master all the services are running fine (output of dockerctl check) and paste some relevant information about the OpenStack environment you're going to deploy:

  • Ubuntu or CentOS?
  • HA or Multinode?
  • Glance on default or on Ceph?
  • Networking choice.
  • Other add ons (like Murano or Sahara)?

Fabrizio -Mirantis Fuel team