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Hi, First thing I noticed, you defined volume_driver in nova.conf and cinder.conf. You should remove the one in nova.conf

I've deployed openstack with ceph as the backend a number of times, so my suggestion is to make sure that you have:

  • created ceph client keyrings for volumes pool
  • copied the keyrings and ceph.conf to your cinder-volume nodes
  • installed the client command line tools (ceph-common) in you cinder-volume nodes
  • created and defined libvirt secret key in your nova-compute node
  • updated your cinder.conf to the appropriate volume_driver (cinder.volume.drivers.rbd.RBDDriver)

If you think you have done all those then last suggestion is to try to attach the volume with debug via cli. Try

nova --debug volume-attach <server uuid=""> <volume uuid=""> <device path=""> Example: nova --debug volume-attach 3700f06c-fbf5-435c-a577-785090e1dd08 594c9fb6-b598-421f-8dd8-4906d0704e14 /dev/vdc

Hope that helps :)