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I think the error message is reasonably clear. It says:

StackValidationFailed: Property error : cpu_alarm_high: alarm_actions ... is not a list

As documented here, the alarm_actions property must be a list (because there may be multiple actions). So modify your template to make that a list:

    type: OS::Ceilometer::Alarm
      description: Scale-up if the average CPU > 50% for 1 minute
      meter_name: cpu_util
      statistic: avg
      period: 600
      evaluation_periods: 1
      threshold: 50
        - { get_attr: [web_server_scaleup_policy, alarm_url] }
      matching_metadata: { 'metadata.user_metadata.stack': { get_param: "OS::stack_id" } }
      comparison_operator: gt