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After much frustration I was able to get past the error. Attempts were made with multiple VBox guests, both Centos and Ubuntu - Actually thought I had it on the Ubuntu 12.04 VM since it appeared to fail on a timeout waiting for c-api to start. ps -ef revealed that cinder had indeed started. Thought that failure was due to the system being a VM and me probably doing something in the host system that caused a delay in the VM. I swapped out the hard drive and did a fresh install of UB 12.04 to give it both processors and all of the memory. I kept thinking about one page I saw that said 'just follow the three steps...' Anyway, I copied in the local.conf used in the UB12.04 devstack install, modified the local.conf to reflect the current IP address, ssh'd in from a tablet and gave ./ a go. No joy again, but it failed with the error above and not the timeout. Then I started commenting out lines in the local.conf. First to go were PUBLIC_INTERFACE and FLAT_INTERFACE (let the script find them...). Still no joy.

Next to go was a section I found that said add this to enable Neutron on a single node:

# enable - In order to enable Neutron a single node setup, you'll need the
#          following settings in your `local.conf`:

    #disable_service n-net
    #enable_service q-svc
    #enable_service q-agt
    #enable_service q-dhcp
    #enable_service q-l3
    #enable_service q-meta
    #enable_service q-metering
    # Optional, to enable tempest configuration as part of DevStack
    #enable_service tempest

FINALLY!! The build / install completed! I can log in and access the dashboard via the browser on the local machine. Looking around everything looks reasonable, but then again I really don't know what I am doing.

Here are the changes I made / kept in local.conf:


disable_service rabbit
enable_service qpid


Also copied to devstack directory without changes - had seen the last two lines related to port 22 / ssh and felt it may be needed.

At this point I can start to play with it and hopefully make some better mistakes. I may try to get the Centos and Ubuntu Vbox VMs working.