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AFAIK, there's not such a tool out there (public) but I could be wrong. Besides, I don't think it's something straight forward to do and nor it will be reliable. I mean, in order to create such a tool, you'll need to have some kind of persistence among other things in order to make it compliant plus, the tool will have to be aware of some "special cases" handled server-side.

As for now, What I would suggest is to have an real testing environment with OpenStack deployed, which is, AFAIK, what most people do.

There are some other positive aspects about using a real environment:

  1. You're more than sure that what you're doing is compliant with current API version
  2. You can test different cases that may not be "real" in a "fake" tool, i.e: testing race conditions, loads, etc.

Devstack ( is a great tool for development and this is one of those cases where it comes handy, I reckon.