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Heat is an orchestration tool for managing “stacks” or applications deployed on the cloud. Heat can orchestrate ports, routers, instances, Floating IPs, Private Networks etc. Packaging can also be installed via Heat templates to do things like “deploy a stack and make it a 4 node WordPress cluster.” Provides OpenStack-like CLI and Database show, list, create methods for interactions.


Client-server based. Puppetmaster and Puppet Clients. Declarative Language for “write once deploy many”. Has open-source Openstack Packages for on-demand Openstack Delivery/Configuration Version control. Integrates with Openstack Heat/TripleO for managing packages and configurations. Deployment of monitoring tools, security tools all possible within private cloud. Integrates well with Razor


Client-server based orchestration management “infrastructure as code” for deploying applications, version control, config files. Written in Ruby. “Cookbooks” CB’s can be written to deploy Openstack “Chef for openstack” components, and potential to deploying security, monitoring etc. (Grizzly, Nicira Plugin, KVM, LXC) Ceilometer, Quantum Cookbooks (By Dreamhost) NVP, OVS Cookbooks (By Nicira) Chef agent for Arista switches, “kind of SDN” Roles and recipes, Role could be “Allinone Devstack or Controller Node or Base Node

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