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If you are using the Windows image provided by cloudbase then you'll need to access it over the console. Most Windows images will be configured with sysprep so you'll setup the password for the administrator through the console. If the image has RDP enabled you may be able to access it, but I believe the initial password setup has to be done through the console.

For Linux you'll use SSH keys. Upload a key for your user, then when you launch the instance associate the SSH key with it. This is all done through Horizon. There is not a default password for most cloud images, they are all managed by SSH keys with modifications to the sshd config to not allow for password based logins. To turn on password based logins you'll have to login initially, setup a password for root, or whichever user you want to use, and then modify the sshd configuration to allow for password based logins/root login.

Cloud-init will handle most of these tasks for you after you provide the key. Here is more information: