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The template you're using originates with a blog post from Docker, which is unfortunately broken in virtually every respect. Suffice to say that where it has the comment (yes, this is ignored by Heat):


the original author intended that it configure the server to be running Docker.

The current Docker plugin is not an interface to an OpenStack Containers-as-a-Service (which doesn't exist yet); it's just a resource type that allows you to connect to an existing Docker server.

In most circumstances, you should not run Docker on either the control node or the compute nodes, because it is not multi-tenant and authenticated with Keystone. You should run it on a VM supplied by Nova, since that is private to the tenant that created it.

Other folks have got a bit further down the road of turning the example in the blog post into an actually working example, although I don't know of anyone who has actually succeeded yet to the best of my knowledge. Check out the following question for some more clues: