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Error maybe due to the MySQL DB is running in backgrond.

Login from root.

1st; stop the keystone service.

/etc/init.d/openstack-keystone stop

2nd; start the keystone service again;

/etc/init.d/openstack-keystone start

If you got the previous error again. then the mysql db service should be running. so stop it. in centos. use;

service mysqld stop

if u get any abnormal errors. then try to find if any available services;

ps -ef|grep -i mysql

if any try to login to the db with admin rights to shutdown the db. if not kill the process(not recommend for production). try to start the mysql db service only for testing;

service mysqld start

if everything goes well then stop the mysqldb service;

service mysqld stop

Now you ready to start the keystone service;

/etc/init.d/openstack-keystone start

Everything should be fine now.