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Swift and Ceph are different systems designed for different use cases. Ceph was designed to support a distributed file system, and it has chosen to reimplement parts of the Swift API on top of its own object storage API.

Swift is written to provide scalable, on-demand storage for large-scale applications. It is built for scale and optimized for durability, availability, and concurrency. An ideal use case for Swift is a large data set that needs very high availability across the entire data set. Common use cases include website content, mobile application storage, document management, backups, and "cloud storage" applications.

If your use case is for storage that needs to support high concurrency across the data set and high availability, you should use Swift. You can install Swift on as few as three drives, but the system scales better as more capacity is added. (And, another nice feature of Swift is that capacity can be adjusted with no end-user downtime.)