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You're not giving the Keystone client enough info to authenticate itself to the server. You need to get:

  • Your user name + password
  • Your tenant name
  • Keystone's public URL

Once you have this info, you can give it to the client using one of these 2 methods:

CLI options

$ keystone --os-auth-url <KEYSTONE_URL> --os-username <USERNAME> --os-password <PASSWORD> --os-tenant-name <TENANT_NAME> user-list

Environment Variables

If these parameters aren't found in the command line arguments, keystone is going to look for them in the environment. Try this:

$ keystone user-list

If no user are created

You may be connecting to Keystone for the first time, as such, you have no user created in the keystone database. You should then use Keystone's Admin Token for authentication.

You can retrieve the token from the keystone.conf configuration file. It's usually located:

admin_token = THE_ADMIN_TOKEN

You can then use it like this:

$ keystone --os-token THE_ADMIN_TOKEN user-list

(or you can have it as an environment variable in OS_SERVICE_TOKEN)

If you need more help

You need to give much more info. We cannot possibly help you in the current state of the question. Here's what we need:

  • The URL of the guide you're following.
  • The exact steps you followed and which stage of the guide you're at.
  • The exact request you enter when getting the error.

If you need more help, edit your question to include this info; it will help us get a better understanding of your system and hopefully give you a better answer.