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  1. OpenStack is written in Python, so if you change some source code or configuration, simply restart the service for the changes to take effect. For example, if you change dashboard logo, restart apache, horizon; if you change neutron source code, restart neutron-server service. You only need to run one time at the begining.

    DevStack is all-in-one-node OpenStack. DevStack is sufficient for development. You should configure DevStack environment similar to the target environment that you want to deploy your app. For example, I used to dev a plugin for Sahara on DevStack with Nova network, and while deploying it on OpenStack Neutron, it didn't work at all.

    If you want to gain deep understanding about OpenStack, try to deploy OpenStack step by step on multi-nodes env. If you only need an env to dev app, use DevStack.

  2. To deploy OpenStack on multiple nodes, I used OpenStack chef recipe.You can try to use Puppet. Check this page for more detail. You can use chef to deploy Rackspace Private Cloud, a enterprise-ready version of OpenStack. It seems promising, but I haven't test it yet.

No question is stupid. Hope it helps.