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I just ran into this myself. Pretty much the exact same thing in an HA active-active setup.

Are you running multiple instances of consoleauth? By reading the code, I noticed that consoleauth uses memory cache to store access tokens. In my case, I didn't have memcache configured, so it used some other default memory cache instead.

Now when one consoleauth instance stored the credential, it was only stored locally, and the other instance didn't see it. For some reason it happened that the instance that stored the token never checked it.

At least this part seems to indicate that the token that was checked did not exist in the memory cache (the ..., False part)

2014-06-20 14:57:37.879 16413 AUDIT nova.consoleauth.manager
[req-ba54c44b-c536-4155-b4e7-c06a4a46e5e3 None None] Checking Token:
75f20d26-c900-47a2-9a05-6f8c7e9f581a, False

I configured nova on my two frontend nodes to use memcache on both nodes, and this seemed to solve the issue.