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Hi Team,

Thanks for the bug fix!..

Even after applying the patch, still the nailgun hangs the webgui :( icehouse on centos6.5 (2014.1) media we are using for cloud deployment.

Our environment planning:

  1. We are planning, 1 fuel master node + total 7 openstack nodes ( 3 controller, 3 storage, 1 compute ).
  2. We have installed fuel master & all the openstack nodes are bootstraped.
  3. We have created the cloud environment & done the networks tab configurations.
  4. Now, we have 9 ports on each server; 4 bonds ports + 1 admin port.

We are facing the web-gui hang problem while creating more than one bond interfaces; first bond interface has no problem while creating. & web-gui works perfectly!!!

Thanks, Maghesh