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Depends on the version of OpenStack. With grizzly you were listing out a lot of data in the first Admin tab which means that when you login it's very slow due to API calls. If you have 100's of instances it would take forever. If you are using Havana it should be a bit quicker. The same is true for Icehouse. It depends on what is listed in the tab you are logging into.

If you are having slowness on all of the pages take a look at how fast your API calls are. If they are slow start looking through the API log files. Verify that Rabbit isn't overloaded or having issues. If you don't see errors or timeouts or anything out of the ordinary start looking at how fast your mysql queries return. You can also see if there are errors in apache's error logs.

You can look at ways to optimize how your sessions are handled.

There are too many variables about how your environment is setup to say how long it should take to load a page.