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Hi Chris,

Despite some of the other answers you've received elsewhere... yes, this is unfortunately "expected' behavior. The problem is the number of things that have to be done to fetch, convert and load the image. The process goes something like this: 1. Fetch/Download the image from Glances backing store to your Cinder node 2. Run qemu-convert on it to make sure it's valid and that it's raw format suitable for being written straight to a volume 3. Copy the converted image off to the Cinder Volume

There's a bunch of overhead here and it's something we're aware of and know needs fixing. One of the problems is that qemu-convert can't pipe the conversion process out to the device, that alone would help quite a bit.

One thing that I recommend to people is limit this by building template volumes. This way you "suffer" through creating the bootable volume once per image; then just use Cinders clone and extend features to build new bootable volumes off of your templates rather than fetching and converting every time.

Meanwhile, hopefully we'll find some ways to make this better/faster.