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The "best" solution is going to widely vary based on your needs _and_ who you ask. I can suggest a solution to you that may help you accomplish what you need.

True active/active HA does not exist for openstack as a whole (mainly because of neutron, though there are solutions that can be used with various degrees of success to try and implement that). You can, however, quite easily setup active/passive HA for everything.

Due to the size of your cluster, I would recommend 2 "controller" nodes. These nodes would run all services except nova-compute (glance, cinder, database, nova, neutron, etc.). Having them in an Active/Passive HA configuration with pacemaker and corosync is documented well enough. The other 8 nodes can be used for compute.

This setup is not exteremely scalable since you have to scale up for all of your services other than compute. If you have stricter requirements for scaling or throughput reasons, let me know. We can come up with something else.