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Yes. Let's look:

$ nova help | grep interface
    interface-attach    Attach a network interface to a server.
    interface-detach    Detach a network interface from a server.
    interface-list      List interfaces attached to a server.

And for details on the interface-attach command:

$ nova help interface-attach
usage: nova interface-attach [--port-id <port_id>] [--net-id <net_id>]
                             [--fixed-ip <fixed_ip>]

So, assuming that you have a network available with UUID 9c20f065-0e20-49f0-9a29-1dd531f32092 and a server named "myserver", you could run:

$ nova interface-attach --net-id 9c20f065-0e20-49f0-9a29-1dd531f32092 myserver

And inside your instance you would now find a interface named eth1 (assuming that you only had a single interface previously).