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it says right there bro, keystone and glance authorization failed, you need to make sure your glance configs have correct password specified for the admin id "glance" . You can change the glance user password. I'm still learning, but I had this issue for another service and I verified the password in the config file and changed it and also changed the glance admin user id password

make sure you know the password in /etc/glance/

list the users

  1. source the admin file

keystone-user list

| c23a77f5dd914e91915f20ff857b9b1c | admin | True | alex@ | 0d6e2a40e2024a7b9320f38c73384dea | demo | True | demo@ | e68f204570664dd1a00fd17656291075 | glance | True | glance@ < -- | 09bd71defdd84b06bde6ea1bbeedce6a | neutron | True | neutron@ | 1be47cc87e524122b423fc2d4a6d9a86 | nova | True | nova@

keystone user-password-update --pass <newpassword> glance

then try it again, hope it helps.