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In order to use devstack you need to first get familiar with it, especially with how to manage it.

Do not use devstack for production environments even if you believe you are familiar with it!

Devstack was created mainly to develop for OpenStack because devstack allows you to have a temporary running OpenStack installation in minutes.

You can of course use devstack to get to a complete OpenStack installation, after which you can install your application inside one or mode instances you create from Horizon (or from command line). However you need get comfortable with how to restart your OpenStack services in case of reboot, how you can upgrade it and so on since you are using Devstack.

Why do you need OpenStack if you only want to create a web app in java and MySQL ? You will most likely be better of using VirtualBox or KVM but with a user friendly manager.

My suggestion is to use Devstack or another way of installing OpenStack only after you application is ready, when you can test how your application scales/can scale (I believe that's your end goal).

If you have other reasons to use Devstack or if your applications needs to tightly integrate with OpenStack (can't run without OpenStack) than please let us know.