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There are a few companies and open source projects out there that are building a layer above the cloud platforms that can what you are asking for. List in no order just off the top of my head ... they each have a different approach but under the cover they all must do the samething ... be able to provide the ability to spawn and manage a VM life cycle within different cloud platforms but have a single interface.

- Rightscale
- Scalr
- Pivitol Cloud Foundary
- Cloudify (which uses chef)
- I am sure I missed some one ....

Some companies use technologies such as chef and puppet as well to deploy app stacks, and can also target particular cloud platforms. So you can build you own and many people do.

One open source example are Asgard and Aurora .. Netflix wrote a dashboard for AWS called Ashgard, Paypal took it and ported it to OpenStack, both projects are open source and my understanding from actually talking to Paypal is that it was a fairly straight forward process to convert the code over.