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Hi the images are built using the process documented in:

Using the oz templates in:

The "gold" templates do not contain the additional heat-cfntools scripts, which are required for some heat functionality, however we no longer maintain the "gold" tdls, so these images should probably be removed

Likewise the "-pkg" images look to be old images which should probably be removed - I'm not sure exactly what differences there are from the non-pkg images, but we won't be supporting their usage.

If you want to check the image contents, you can use libguestfs, then diff the results for two images: virt-ls -Rl -a F17-x86_64-cfntools.qcow2 /

I suggest using the F17-x86_64-cfntools.qcow2 image. I'll follow up and get the old images removed soon, and hopefully get some newer images for F18 and newer Ubuntu version uploaded.