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The stats/logging part of swift (collectively called "slogging") have been removed from swift for 3 reasons:

1) to emphasize that it's not part of swift proper 2) to allow separate release cycles and feature development 3) like swauth, to emphasize that, while usable, it was included mostly for example purposes and production deployments will probably need to have their own systems (or at least modify slogging) to fulfill their own needs.

The slogging project is currently hosted at It is separate from Openstack and will therefore use its own hosting, planning, issue tracking, etc.


On Jul 19, 2011, at 2:11 PM, whitt wrote:

New question #165363 on OpenStack Object Storage (swift):

Stats has been removed from 1.4.2 and looks like it will become a separate project. Has the code been put in a repository somewhere?

Also - what are the plans for stats? I could not find a blueprint which calls out a future roadmap.


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