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To me, this says output says that 108 and 109 are actually on different ports.

Can you do a quantum show-port <port-uuid> for both fo the ports below? In particular, I want to confirm that they have the same device_id.

From the looks of it, this looks to be an issue in Nova, as quantum itself has not actually allocated multiple ips to a port. Rather, pending the output i've requested above, it seems like nova created two ports for an instance, rather than one.

Looking through your logs, there are an extremely high number of exceptions and tracebacks in your nova log. I wonder if any of those failures caused an instance to be respawned, without the quantum port for the initial creation being cleaned up.

Unfortunately, the nova-compute log seems filled with tracebacks unrelated to quantum, so its hard to isolate a possible cause of the issue you're seeing above. It seems like you have some database schema sync issues at the least. I'd suggest cleaning up these issues and seeing if you can still repro this.


On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 7:31 PM, shu, xinxin <> wrote:

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shu, xinxin posted a new comment: i list ports of the instance which has two fixed ips, below is output:

+--------------------------------------+------+-------------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | id | name | mac_address | fixed_ips |

+--------------------------------------+------+-------------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 1b93218d-2eb2-4064-b70c-d6562724fc47 | | fa:16:3e:10:7d:8c | {"subnet_id": "24be33c7-64f9-4695-811d-33eeb4ad75da", "ip_address": ""} | | fc44d25d-574e-4c09-a6fa-74cd522b0e3c | | fa:16:3e:66:e2:60 | {"subnet_id": "24be33c7-64f9-4695-811d-33eeb4ad75da", "ip_address": ""} |


i list all networks interfaces in this vm, only find an interface with fixed ip

here is the link of nova-compute log,""

the id of this instance is 9aa82a35-c9f1-4f44-a108-d14e74eec231

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