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Thanks Samuel. Could you please check the URL and let me know where exactly i can find the file on the hard disk.

There are 4 containers given in the URL 1,2,3,4 But when i do swift -A -U test:tester -K testing list 㜄툍툐ं蔉蔋툏툐᠁蔉鐉鐉 鐋㜅蔈嘅᠄᠂㜃鐌嘇᠄툍嘅댎 댋᠂᠃ं댍嘅鐉☃嘆蔊蔋嘇鐉蔋 툍᠃㜆蔊댋ँऀ댌댎᠄㜃댌鐊댍᠄ 툐蔉툎᠁鐉㜆ँ᠁툎鐋᠁᠂鐋댎툐 ᠄᠂᠃鐌鐌鐋툎嘇蔈ँ툏댌툎

I get this output. So i think there is a problem in the container names. Please help me out why i am getting this instead of 1 2 3 4. I have followed the URL in the question