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I tried to create a bootable volume, and boot up from that, but I am getting the error message "No bootable device".

(1). I created an image using the glance command:

glance image-create --name test_iso_image --disk-format iso --container-format bare --file /opt/stack/devstack/files/images/myimage.iso --property hw_vif_model=e1000 --property hw_disk_bus='ide'

(2). Then, I created a volume with this image:

nova volume-create --image-id eaf11e96-a5a3-4064-a308-7c0e66ab6edb --display-name test-bootable-vol 4

(3). I booted an instance with the created volume:

nova boot ultra_volume_test --flavor 3 --key_name keypair --block_device_mapping vda=c363ef1d-c879-4cd2-b315-15c9f2f9847c::0

Even with these steps, I got the final error message: "No bootable device".