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From: Dolph Mathews Date: Thursday, June 13, 2013 2:11 PM To: Farhan Patwa Cc: OpenStack Maillist Subject: Re: [Openstack] OpenStack API versions and release content

2.) Do new versions have to be deployed with a new release? Keystone has V3 version, but I don't see it being available for use in devstack or Grizzly release (based on my assumption that the command 'keystone discover' will display supported API versions)

Not necessarily. Keystone grizzly/2013.1 ships with a revised paste configuration which deploys the new Identity API v3 via pipeline:api_v3 [1]. You don't need to deploy this new pipeline at all, and a folsom paste configuration will deploy an Identity API v2 implementation just as it did in folsom. The output of "keystone discover" operates based on how the service catalog is populated, which doesn't necessarily reflect the configured pipeline or what's provided by the implementation.

3.) Do versions have their own release schedule (so Keystone V3 is part of Grizzly code but the implementation is not yet complete or supported??)

There's no such thing as "Keystone v3," although that's a common misnomer. The Identity API (v2.0 -> v3.0 -> v3.1) is versioned independently from it's implementation, Keystone (... essex/2012.1 -> folsom/2012.2 -> grizzly/2013.1 -> etc). Several releases of keystone could be made without incrementing the API version. A release of keystone may contain an experimental/unstable/partial and unrecommended/undocumented implementation of a newer API. A release of keystone may even skip an API version if there was reason to do so.

So, for example:

  • diablo supports Identity API v2.0 and was extensible to support a non-OpenStack Identity API (v1.1)
  • essex supports Identity API v2.0
  • folsom supports Identity API v2.0
  • grizzly supports Identity API v2.0 and Identity API v3.0
  • havana will support Identity API v2.0 and Identity API v3.1
  • icehouse will support Identity API v2.0 and at least Identity API v3.1 (if not v3.2)
  • J*release is not guaranteed to support Identity API v2.0 and will support at least Identity API v3.1 (if not v3.3)

(where minor version bumps, e.g. v3.0 -> v3.1 are backwards compatible)

In reality, if we ship a recommended API implementation, that API version is effectively feature frozen. So, while we could have continued to develop Identity API v3.0 past 2013.1, we documented it in the default configuration (keystone.conf.sample, devstack, etc) and shipped it with grizzly and are now working towards introducing backwards-compatible features under a minor version bump to the API that will ship with havana.