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oic, replica count on your rings is 1 - that's interesting, I've heard of folks trying to get by with only 2...

the architectural overview gives a brief description of how the names of the files uploaded map to the placement of the data in the cluster:

the replication overview gives a little background on the reason for the file system layout:

The databases are just sqlite, you can take a copy it and open it up and poke at it, the schema's not bad

sqlite3 -line 9d00c9d091fea9ea855f29c22714dc83.db "select * from account_stat"

But the objects themselves will be in .data files similar to the swauth object you inspected with swift-object-info

If you know the names of all the objects and containers you can use:

swift-get-nodes /etc/swift/object.ring.gz AUTH_mainaccount/mycontainer/myobject

If you don't it might be useful first to find the account database for mainaccount - is it in


Is everything on

How many account databases could there be really?

find /srv/node1/sdb1/accounts/ -name \*.db

Do you still have the old rings? What about the builder files? Can you post the output of

swift-ring-builder account.builder
swift-ring-builder container.builder
swift-ring-builder object.builder

Another idea; you might try removing swauth from the pipeline and adding an overlapping user to tempauth:

user_mainaccount_ rameez = testing .admin

With that swift -A -U mainaccount:rameez -K testing stat -v might work...

Or even removing all auth from the pipeline, then most clients don't work, but it's easier to poke at with curl...