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Thank you very much for your response clay.

I dont know how to access the data becuse error shows that account related DBs are missing.

Following is the output of coomands suggested by you:

$ swift-get-nodes account.ring.gz mainaccount

Account mainaccount Container None Object None

Partition 134708 Hash 838d1ece4c89e07201dc996b91d10d6c

Server:Port Device sdb1 Server:Port Device sdb2 [Handoff]

curl -I -XHEAD "" curl -I -XHEAD "" # [Handoff]

ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/134708/d6c/838d1ece4c89e07201dc996b91d10d6c/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb2/accounts/134708/d6c/838d1ece4c89e07201dc996b91d10d6c/" # [Handoff]

$ ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/134708/d6c/838d1ece4c89e07201dc996b91d10d6c/ ls: cannot access /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/134708/d6c/838d1ece4c89e07201dc996b91d10d6c/: No such file or directory

$ swift-object-info /srv/1/node/sdb1/objects/111/bd9/001bf33e41d1d4fa438bf75c814b6bd9/ Path: /AUTH_.auth/mainaccount/rameez Account: AUTH_.auth Container: mainaccount Object: rameez Object hash: 001bf33e41d1d4fa438bf75c814b6bd9 Ring locations: - /srv/node/sdb1/objects/111/bd9/001bf33e41d1d4fa438bf75c814b6bd9/ Content-Type: application/octet-stream Timestamp: 2013-02-18 14:06:14.733460 (1361176574.73346) ETag: 6a56ee9b6f38ed2ea8b3a84d0791570f (valid) Content-Length: 93 (valid) User Metadata: {'X-Object-Meta-Auth-Token': 'AUTH_tkb8127e8c0c134c6eb9acd6be078d8dd1'}

there was a single account named as mainaccount and various users and their containers wwere under it.

Does replication factor can be the cause of the error because it was set to 1 only ? Is there any way to recover and download this data manualy ? Can we open and read these db files to get info out of them ?

And can you please tell me that how swift works with creating so many directories and long unique file names and how it maps them ?