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For multi-node installation, the root cause for both http error[404] or url error are, I think, request bad url upon vm initialization when starting up on compute mode, which is resulted from bad nova.conf configuration, esp. the network config.

When I changed nova.conf at each of the compute node as follows, all vms can be set up correctly on each of node, and ssh to the vm would be fine as well. --fixed_range= --network_size=256 --flat_network_dhcp_start= --public_interface=eth1 --flat_interface=eth0 --flat_network_bridge=br100 --flat_injected=false

P.S., the scenario for my deployment is as fallows, control: compute node:,

and I created the private network as: nova-manage network create private --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --network_size=256 --multi_host=T