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So getting back to the PUT performance, as GET performance has always been much faster than PUT performance, as there is a bit more going on with PUTs (updating containers, fsync, etc.).

To really get down to the bottom of this, we will need to know more information about your config. From your email to openstack-dev I gather that you have 1 proxy, 5 storage nodes, each with 4TB drives.

Can you please provide the following information:

  1. What concurrency are you running each service at (posting your configs would be great)?
  2. Are you using a RAID controller with a cache? Are the drives in a RAID configuration?
  3. Are the drive caches on or off?
  4. What Filesystem are you using (XFS, EXT4, etc.) and what params are you using to format?
  5. What is the partition power of your ring?

You mention in the email that you start getting some errors like 503 when the performance starts lagging. Looking at the logs will will help you figure out what is going on (look for things like Timeouts, errors, etc.)

Also, how many objects do you PUT before the performance starts degrading?


-- Chuck