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It surely will. By default Quantum uses namespaces, so that each tenant runs in a separated namespace with their own network interfaces, IP addresses, routing tables, iptables rules, etc. You're not seeing your gateway interface because your looking for it in the initial namespace, where commands run if not explictly specified:

Run 'ip netns' and will see a list of your namespaces, for example qdhcp-5ceadbb9-33d0-4080-83fd-066f9e672d8e qrouter-9839d33c-cda7-4509-b93d-52cc55a3a174

The qrouter-* namespace corresponds to each router that you have, where the hexadecimal string corresponds to the id of the router (quantum router-list). There you'll find the router's external network IP address if any configured and the router's interface in that network (acting as the gateway). Example:

ip netns exec qrouter-9839d33c-cda7-4509-b93d-52cc55a3a174 ifconfig

(...) qg-01f0ca8d-a7 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr fa:16:3e:bf:a7:b8
inet addr: Bcast: Mask: (...) qr-56c3fa8b-63 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr fa:16:3e:85:0c:85
inet addr: Bcast: Mask: (...)

qr-* is the gateway you're looking for and qg-* is my router's external network interface. The string is port id of the router.

The same command 'ip netns exec <namespace>' can be used with all other ordinary network tools like 'iptables, route, netstat, tcpdump, ping, ifup/down, ip *, etc. That's how Linux makes it possible for overlapping IPs, since each network namespace is an isolated environment (virtualization at the OS level).

Hope that helps.