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Well, you're going to hate me saying "it depends" again, but... :)

Let's say you have a use case much like ours and end up with about .12% of metadata to data. And, let's say you want to grow to just 1 petabyte. 1024T * .0012 = 1.2288T. So, let's be extra conservative and allocate 2T of metadata space for each 1P of data space.

Then let's then say your use case has an average file size of 600k, you're doing 3 replicas, and you want to max out at 80% usage (for performance reasons and headroom). So 1P = 1,099,511,627,776K * .8 / 3 replicas / 600K = 488,671,834 files. So, roughly, 1P replicated data = .5 billion files. Therefore, 3 billion objects = 6P replicated data = 12T replicated metadata.

Of course, this is all somewhat educated guess work. It's best to start thinking with numbers like these, scale it down to get started, and then just keep an eye on things and adjust as necessary as you grow.