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"To create a network using Quantum Manager, run:

nova-manage network create --label=public --fixed_range_v4=

When this command is invoked, the Quantum Manager will contact the Quantum Service to create a corresponding Quantum network, and likewise will create an IPAM subnet using the specified fixed range.

By default, networks are "global" in the sense that they are shared by all tenants (i.e. projects in Nova). To create a tenant-specific network, specify the "--project_id" argument when creating the network. For example:

nova-manage network create --label=tenant2-private --fixed_range_v4= --project_id=10daaef1-b481-42a6-8653-7a42e982e409

This project_id should be the tenant UUID from keystone. To view all keystone tenant UUIDs, run the following command as a keystone admin user:

keystone tenant-list

When a new VM is created, it is given a vNIC for each global network, as well as a vNIC for each network owned by the tenant associated with the VM. This lets users create hybrid scenarios where a VM has a vNIC both on a shared public network and on a private tenant-specific network."

Also, you mention:

"So I worked around this by modifying that public network and assigned it to a temporary project, "

I'm not sure whether you did this with nova-manage or via the database, but this won't work, b/c you are only changing the project in Nova, not in Quantum. You cannot change the association of a network and a project (or the lack of a project) after creation. I've created a bug to add this to the documentation:

As I mentioned, I can't really answer questions that are specific to the Ryu plugin.