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The new configuration is almost the same as previous one. No success yet.

quantum net-list quantum router-list quantum port-list -c id -c fixed_ips -c device_owner output:

[Network Gateway]

ovs-vsctl show

ip netns list

ip netns exec qdhcp-e66b8a22-daff-4850-9656-282bee68819d ifconfig

[Compute Node]

ovs-vsctl show

If I assign the VM's IP manually (, VM can retrieve the mac address for Now when I ping there is no reply, BUT tcpdump output on both sides show something different !!!

From network gateway to the vm: From vm to the network gateway:

One more thing which may help: I specified vlans from 200 to 250 in the config file. The vlan_allocation table confirms that. But the tag field in "ovs-vsctl show" output shows tag 1. This should not be true. (Using HP ProCurve 2910al-48g, corresponding ports are also on the DEFAULT_VLAN 1, in addition to 200-250)