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In order to try your swift installation, you can use the "swift" client command.

This is a python program installed when you use the apt commands to install your swift cluster. This tool allows you to directly interact with your swift architecture and doing things like put datas, remove or list the content of your containers. There is a Man page for this tool and you can find some exemples all over the Openstack documentation (like there :

Be carefull by the way, the exemples given on the manual are made for particular swift architectures and meant to be adapted on each one's configuration. In this case, the exemple i've linked, uses the adress given by a swift installation configured to work with the Identity service Keystone. If you uses the Tempauth middleware (you can see it in your proxy-server.conf file), the adresses used on the swift client command will change. The link i gave you in the first message does contain a testing part which you may adapt according to the situation . Just keep in mind that you always need to adapt to your own configuration, and try things and others in order to understand and find the solution.

I'm glad i could help you, or at least give you some hope. Never give up, it may be hard but the more i work on swift, the more i enjoy it. You're welcome.