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Hello, I am actually working on openstack for a project in my company too (started a couple of months ago). I've tried to install an Openstack Object Storage environnement and encountered a large amount of problems too. At the beginning i've tried to follow one tutorial from the start to the end and just stick with it ( Of course, i encountered some problems, but i was able to resolve them gradually by searches on other parts of the Openstack documentation. Then, i started to add components (keystone, account_quotas, etc...) one by one, very carefully to finally fit a stronger architecture. I also had some troubles and it took a long time. But with researchs, reading articles and others, i finally understood a good part of what i was doing, why we choose 1 part of the setup instead of another. Now, i'm actually trying to understand the internal mechanisms and impacts of the data replication and i'm moving step by step.

Anyway, what i wanted to tell you, was that you need to understand what you are doing, and the best way to do it, is to walk through the Openstack documentation again and again (which is very very strong) and all the articles you can find other the internet (for exemple, this article is really usefull to understand how the rings works : All of this is a matter of patience.

Moreover, If you need help on a particular problem, i'm sure there are people who would be glad to help you, but they need a bit more informations on the nature of the exact problem, like the environnement (which version of ubuntu), the description of the problem, etc...

I hope this could be usefull and i wish you a good luck.