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you should mkdir for log_dir(/var/log/nova) and chown to the user nova process used. and in my devstack(host is ubuntu 12.04), I just killed the nova-compute process by kill pid-of-nova-compute, and then start it manually by: nohup nova-compute 2>/dev/null & by the way, if the log of nova-compute is nothing after you mkdir and chown, you can start nova-compute by: nohup nova-compute 2>/tmp/nova-compute.log & and you can see the log at /tmp/nova-compute.log.



发件人:Peeyush Gupta 发送时间:2013-06-27 15:36 主题:Re: [Question #231384]: How to set cpuset attribute in vcpu element in instance xml? 收件人:"hzwangpan" 抄送:

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Peeyush Gupta is still having a problem: Okay, looks like devstack doesn't have services, it has screens and I am not sure how to restart them. I am gonna need some time to figure that out. Plus, for God knows what reason my devstack setup doesn't log anything!

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