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Ok, modifying /opt/stack/devstack/files/pips/horizon like following :

before :

-e git+ -e git+ -e git+

after :

-e -e -e will use http instead of https ... but it fails elsewhere :

Setting up python-cloudfiles ( ... Processing triggers for python-support ... ++ cat /opt/stack/devstack/files/pips/horizon /opt/stack/devstack/files/pips/horizon.orig /opt/stack/devstack/files/pips/keystone /opt/stack/devstack/files/pips/tempest + sudo PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE=/var/cache/pip pip install --proxy=http://localhost:5865 --use-mirrors django-nose-selenium pycrypto==2.3 -e -e -e django-nose-selenium pycrypto==2.3 -e git+ -e git+ -e git+ PassLib pika Double requirement given: django-nose-selenium (aready in django-nose-selenium, name='django-nose-selenium') Storing complete log in /opt/stack/.pip/pip.log ++ failed ++ local r=1 ++ set +o xtrace failed: full log in /opt/stack/devstack/ + for ret in '"${PIPESTATUS[@]}"' + '[' 1 -eq 0 ']' + exit 1