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As you told me I've checked running machines with virsh dumpxml. Virtual machines are using ports 5900 and 5901 as expected. When I tried curl I got: RFB 003.008. So that isn't the problem, it occurs only when I use nova-vncproxy, as I explain before I can get VNC console from noVNC server and any other VNC clients, only when I try to reach virtual machines via proxy I get error. In addition I noticed an error in vnc_auto.html when I'm using noVNC, nova-vncproxy and chrome. In my first attempt I didn't get noVNC screen and after inspect the given url (via chrome debugger) I got: Uncaught ReferenceError: token is not defined in window.onload: vnc_auto.html: 98. After this I changed vnc_auto.html:92

var host, port, password; --> var host, port, password, token;

After this I got noVNC scrren and sever disconnected error.

Any other suggestion?