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Isn't Fedora on like version 19 now? You can probably install on 14... but the instructions may not be exactly right (they may not be right for Fedora 19 either, I've most recently audited them on Ubuntu Precise & Cent 6.4).

You're gunna need pip, yum install python-pip should work; you'll probably get paste, dnspython, and mock later when you pip install requirements - so don't worry if you don't have packages for those.

The remakerings script needs to be manually created (step 3) and you need to make sure ~/bin is in your path (step 7):

On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Naresh <> wrote:

New question #235840 on OpenStack Object Storage (swift):

Hi, I am using VM Player and installed Fedora 14. Followed this link to install Swift All in one I am getting below errors

Command: yum install python-coverage python-devel python-nose python-simplejson python-xattr python-eventlet python-greenlet python-pastedeploy python-netifaces python-pip python-dnspython python-mock

Error: No package python-pastedeploy available. No package python-dnspython available. No package python-mock available.

Command: sudo pip install -r swift/test-requirements.txt Error: sudo: pip: command not found

Command: remakerings script Error: Invalid add value: r1z1- Invalid add value: r1z2- Invalid add value: r1z3- Invalid add value: r1z4-

Can anyone help me out?

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