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Don't forget to add your new functions to nova/db/ as well.


On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 1:25 PM, Alejandro Comisario <> wrote:

New question #181803 on OpenStack Compute (nova):

Hey guys, we are making some changes on the "nova\db\sqlalchemy\" and added a function to make a query to sort hosts by free ram.

After that, we modified '"nova\scheduler\" to call out brand new function, instead of the old one "service_get_all_compute_sorted" changed for "service_get_all_compute_sorted_MB"

We also added some LOGS to the nova.scheduler.manager to log the new calls, but when we restart :

CONTROLLER: nova-network , nova-scheduler, nova-api COMPUTES: libvirt-bin , nova-compute

I dont see, not only the logs, but any attempt to call out new functions, we also tried to delete all the *.pyc from the libs directory.

So, what are we missing ???

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