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Hi Tim,

For the two error logs that you posted, the first appears to be a 10MB file, of which 6,553,600 (or 100 64KB chunks) have been transferred, and then the proxy server SUCCESSFULLY declared the transfer finished because the object server did not respond for the 101st chunk. The client should see that the connection was closed prematurely with missing data, or might timeout waiting for more data if connection keep-alive was used.

The second of the two error logs is similar to the first, except that it was for a 4GB file, which had only 1 chunk transferred before the object server timed out.

Raising your node_timeout value in the proxy server configuration might help us determine the scope of the problems on the object server.

You have another error in the big log you posted, which seems to be reporting that the proxy server cannot connect to an object server. Are there other errors on the system that might correlate with the object servers? Are these logs all taken from one system, or from all your storage nodes?

I would suggest raising the number of object workers, doubling or tripling it to see if that helps, and if it doesn't, it might help us understand the behavior we are dealing with depending on what results.