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Hi Joe,

If you are referring to nova-volume then yes Cinder is compatible. You will just have to "migrate" the volumes, which is mainly moving the database info from the nova database to the cinder database.

A bit more info : Compatibility and Migration: There has been a significant amount of concern raised regarding "compatibility"; unfortunately this seems to mean different things to different people. For those that haven't looked at the Cinder code or tried a demo in devstack, here are some question/answers:

Do the same nova client commands I use for volumes today still work the same? YES Do the same euca2ools that I use for volumes today still work the same? YES Does block storage still work the same as it does today in terms of LVM, iSCSI and the drivers that are curently in place? YES Are the associated database tables the same as they are in the current nova volume code? For the most part YES, all volume related tables and columns are migrated, non-volume related tables however are not present Does it use the same nova database as we use today? No, it does require a new independent database Are you going to implement cinder with complete disregard for my current install and completely change everything out from under me? ABSOLUTELY NOT Are you going to test migrating from nova-vol to Cinder? YES Are those migration tests going to be done just using fakes/unit tests? NO, we would require running setups, most likely devstack Are you planning to provide migration scripts/tools to move from nova to cinder? YES


guide to install cinder: guide to migrate existing volumes to cinder : or

Kr Karel.