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Guys I gave up on the official guide. I used the scripts of dimtdv instead:

They do not work out of the box. There are some requirements first:

1) Setup folsom repo:

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/folsom.list

Openstack folsom repositor

deb precise-updates/folsom main

2) # apt-get install ntp

/etc/ntp.conf: server iburst server fudge stratum 10

3) # apt-get install git

4) # git clone

# cd folsom-single-node.git

5) Setup lvm2

apt-get install lvm2

Create a volume group named "nova-volumes" (This is optional but recommended in a production environment. If you skip this a normal file will be created to represent the Volume Group pgysical volume)

6) Setup networking as per

7) Run these scripts after you setup stackrc:









8) mkdir -p /var/lib/dash/.blackhole

9) login ar http://youserver.dom/horizon