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The current version of the dashboard does not work with the release version of nova. The last commit before the new auth stuff was merged in is 86799033f48246993a50451e214748479f75a467. That commit is about a month old, so it is missing swift support and some new features we've added in since then, but it _should_ work with the release version of Nova.

The dashboard was only very recently accepted as an openstack project (about a month ago), so we haven't had a "release" with the rest of the project yet, which is why we don't have a stable version for use with the release version of openstack.

The current development branch of dashboard uses Openstack Identity (keystone) for auth, as will Nova for the Diablo release ( Instructions for running Nova with keystone auth support can be found in the readme for the keystone project ( I haven't tried those instructions against Nova cactus, so I don't know if it will work.