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Excerpts from Koji's message of 2013-12-18 21:41:27 UTC:

New question #241010 on heat:

I wanted to use { get_attr: [ name, first_address ] } to retrieve ip addresses of all instances, but I get the following error. Which makes sense.

"ERROR: Remote error: CircularDependencyException Circular Dependency Found"

So my question is, is there some way to list all instances on /etc/hosts of all instances? It would be great if Heat can/(will be able to) do it with a few lines in the template.

I've spent a couple of days to learn HOT syntax by writing a Hadoop template. Here's the link of what I got.

Over all in my investigation, Heat did great for simplifying the initial process. I'd like to thank the developers.

Thanks and best regards, Koji

We abuse the AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration to achieve this with TripleO. You can refer to all of the other parts of the stack in the Metadata section, and it will be the last thing created. Then you have to use cfn-hup or os-collect-config to query the Metadata of that resource post-boot.