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Sorry, we are still under study if this kind of network is workable and not implemented yet.

For now the setup and running script is : Startup services:

ryu-manager --falgfile /etc/ryu/ryu.conf

mn --topo single,4 --mac --switch ovsk --controller remote

service quantum-server start

Step1: Create a network for a tenant.

quantum net-create --tenant-id 2aaa173f483d48e7b762a8d173a95a6c sharednet1A --shared -- provider:network_type flat --provider:physical_network physnet1

quantum subnet-create --tenant-id 2aaa173f483d48e7b762a8d173a95a6c sharednet1A

The problem is, how can I setup the h1 and h2 of mininet into the same network? And h3 and h4 into another network?