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If you create a whole disk image, witha boot loader, you can give it a partition table. You will have to make sure that fstab refers to vda. The image will get a second disk attached with a size based on the local_gb field of the instance_type table (note that m1.tiny has 0 local_gb so it doesn't get a second drive). This device will be /dev/vdb but you will have to format and mount it yourself.


On Aug 29, 2011, at 8:20 AM, Gaurav wrote:

New question #169501 on Glance:

I am trying to create a custom CentoOS image for Openstack. This wiki has been helpful in creating one successfully:

But, I want to build an image with more than just disk e.g. /dev/sda containing the root file system and say another /dev/sdb mounted on /mnt. If I convert it to an Openstack image and boot it, will I get two disks on Openstack? When I tried it, the instance failed to boot, the init sequence failed when trying to run fsck on the second disk.

Also is it required to mount the root file system on /dev/vda? Can it have a partition table?

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